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CSB Canada Herald of Christ for Men Honorary  

Arden Musselman   # 9  (Herald of Christ for Men)
Award DateMay 1, 2011
Other Unit #'s1251, 2751, 7491
Brigade Camps Haycock Camping Ministries
Hemlock Wilderness Brigade Camp
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Testimonial:  I was involved in CSB as a Stockade boy at 1251 Calvary Church, Souderton, PA. Then in my twenties I was invited to be involved again in Brigade as a leader at 2751, Grace Bible Church in Souderton, PA. There I led a group of guys as they grew up from fifth grade as sentinels, into battalion, and was their captain as they became noncoms and graduated in the mid 1980ís. I became focused on discipling young men through summers at Haycock Camp where I was a leader in the LGP program for staff training for 6 consecutive years. Through these experiences I became an intern in 1982 with Doug Henderson, our Delaware Valley Regional Director for CSB. I've been full time on CSB Ministries staff since the year I married Martha in 1984. My dual role of serving in the two regions (Delaware Valley and Capital Regions) began in 1996. I have definitely known the calling of God in this ministry. My Community Project for Herald of Christ was serving on various teams to distribute meals to people in the name of Jesus, at their own homes, or in shelters. My Ministry Project has been the CSB Battalion N-Counter 2011. My internship with Herald of Christ for Men led me into the Bible on an everyday basis. Reading a chapter each morning never failed to show me how God speaks His truth to me where I need it most, with application that relates directly to following Christ in life today. To God be the glory. I am just happy to be an adopted son in His family (Galatians 4:3-7) and involved in this ministry with so many others who know Christ and live make Him their lives to make Him known.

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