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Jacob Daniel. Brunk   # 753
Award DateMay 11, 2017
Unit #Battalion 7117
Brigade Camps Hemlock Wilderness Brigade Camp
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Testimonial:  Faith is a journey. For those of us who so dare, it is an inescapable exploration into the intimate beauty of the Eternal God, navigated by the compass of the cross, pointing us true north to a joy ever rising like the first beams of morning break. Gradually, we come to know the sovereign guide and intimate best friend that has been alongside our entire life. - The Herald of Christ internship served as a great informal “template” or curriculum to grow in my faith and practice. I'm thankful for all the Battalion mentors who have helped me, prayed for me, and labored over me. Thanks to my father, Jerrod Brunk, Carl Hoover, Michael Sherbert, Bill Gerardi, Andy Byrd, and the host of others. And thanks to the Eternal God who has tenderly guided me and held me in his hand at all times (Psalm 139).

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