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Brenton M. Cihonski, 'Brent'   # 744
Award DateJanuary 3, 2013
Unit #Battalion 953
Brigade Camps Sequoia Brigade Camp
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Testimonial:  "I learned from men who were before me and who put their time and energy into me. First and foremost, my father Bryon Cihonski, the man who has loved me more than I could ever deserve or imagine. My music teacher and spiritual leader Dan Vigus. My mentor and Councillor Bob Nass. My pastor and spiritual teacher Steven McCoy. Last, but not least, my adviser and friend Curtis Warren. Each of these men have been an example to me and have encouraged me to follow the Lord wholeheartedly. They have admonished me, forgiven me, taught me, redirected me, praised me, and prepared me so that I may be called a follower, a herald, of Christ.

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