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Thomas N. Detamore Jr, 'Tom'   # 657
Award DateJune 1991
Unit #Battalion 2459
Other Unit #'s6915
Brigade Camps Northern Frontier Camp
Haycock Camping Ministries
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Testimonial:  I finished my Herald just about the time I was graduating H. S. Having also completed Hard Core at Northern Frontier the previous summer I really felt these were monumental times in my life. The Herald award really cemented home for me my desire to go into Ministry. I attended college and prepared myself for full time ministry. I left college and became a Youth Pastor. I wanted to impact teenagers in some of the same ways I was impacted through CSB and the challenges of achieving the Herald of Christ. Now as I have been Pastoring for 10 years I appreciate even greater the foundation laid through CSB. I was able to learn leadership, memorize scripture, study the Bible, and reach out to others in the community. All important skills and disciplines that often get lost by young people. As my award hangs on my wall next to my other degrees its a constant reminder of my calling to be a true "Herald of Christ" proclaiming the gospel to the world.

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