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Gary R. Winkler   # 584
Award DateJune 1985
Unit #Battalion 555
Other Unit #'s6468, 5921, 3020
Brigade Camps Hemlock Wilderness Brigade Camp
Northern Frontier Camp
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Testimonial:  I can still remember my first Stockade meeting at age 9, and little did I know then how much God would use this program to shape my youth. The following year my father joined as a Ranger and my younger brother began attending as well. The three of us continued on through Battalion and became heavily involved in the local Brigade camp - my brother and I eventually spending five summers as camp counselors and my father serving on the board. As could be expected, our closest friendships developed during these summers and spilled over into our Battalion meetings during the year. Eventually, my brother and I, and our best friends all earned our Heralds and several even Skill Master. Now that my kids are in Stockade and Battalion, I find that Im still attending weekly meeting...still involved with achievements...still going on weekend trips...still growing from a seed planted at age 9...

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