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John Davis, 'Jr.'   # 492
Award DateMarch 18, 1979
Unit #Battalion 1138
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Testimonial:  I started in Brigade when I was eleven years old and stayed active through my high school years. During this time, I attended Hidden Lake Brigade Camp as a camper and Non-Com. I also served as a Non-Com at Ozark Brigade Camp in Missouri. In my senior year of high school, I participated in Minnesota Hardcore based out of Camp Nathanael. CSB was a big part of my life and the things I learned and relationships I developed were too many to list here. One of my greatest accomplishments in the Brigade program was obtaining my Herald of Christ(HOC). The HOC program taught me to love God\'s word and developed in me the discipline to read his word on a regular basis which I continue to do to this day. In 2010, I completed the Herald of Christ for Men(#6) which was another significant accomplishment, but more importantly it brought me closer to God.....God never changes.....Praise Him!!

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