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Daniel B. Baker   # 462
Award Date 1974
Unit #Battalion 2278
Brigade Camps Northwoods
Northern Frontier Camp
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Testimonial:  Christian Service Brigade had a huge influence on my life. I was privileged to be part of the Stockade Program at Grace Church, Ridgewood, NJ. Earning all the Stockade awards available was a major achievement of my elementary years. I then was part of the Battalion program at the Grace Brethren Church, Wheaton, IL and Leptondale Bible Church, Newburgh, NY as both a participant, Sergeant, and Lt. The men in these units and those I at Northern Frontier shaped my spiritual life. The Herald of Christ award is one of the great highlights of my life. All this was the major preparation for my ministry as a pastor. The formal schooling in College and Grad School supplied knowledge CSB supplied the foundation.

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