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Gary Radmacher   # 320
Award Date 1968
Unit #Battalion 813
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Testimonial:  My father was my hero and a wonderful model of being a father, a husband, and a child of God, but I am so grateful for the men who selflessly gave of themselves to make CSB available to me and my peers. By name there were: Bozy Budlong, Lauren Daniels, and Jim Milliken; these, and others, gave years of their lives to love and train a group of boys. I am eagerly anticipating the honor Jesus will bestow upon them at the Bema. Brigade was a great place to learn leadership skills, to fellowship with friends, to learn God's Word, and to have fun. The discipline of reading the scriptures daily and writing in a journal was a pattern set for life. The interview with Lowell Martin, and leaders from my church, was great preparation for an ordination council some years later.

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