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David Corbett, 'Dave'   # 313
Award Date 1969
Unit #Battalion 1056
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Testimonial:  Becoming a Herald of Christ means that one climbed to the top of the Christian Service Brigade Program. Hours of Bible reading, Bible memorization and badge projects are now complete. But for me Brigade became part of the foundation of my life. Today I find myself quoting the verses that I learned 40 years ago. The Bible has become richer as the years have passed. The God of the Bible is my God, Savior and Lord. The promises of His word I find to be absolutely true in my life. The practical badges had helped me (1) in my Christian Service (2) in the experience of life. I choose to be a woodsman and I still enjoy camping and the outdoors. As I build a fire for my woodstove at home or a campfire in the woods I remember that Brigade taught me how to do it.
In Brigade I rose from lance corporal to corporal to Sergeant. As my leadership increased I appreciated the leaders of Battalion 1056. Our Captain, Larry Malone, became a great example to me. I did not realize it at the time but besides my Dad he had a great influence on my life. As I look back I am so thankful for the time and money he poured into Brigade. He and his wife and their Son became close friends and I cherish their memory today. Besides Larry Malone there were others who were so faithful and labored week after week. Their ministry is another example of our Lordís faithfulness to us.
What became of Herald 313?
David Corbett went to college at Philadelphia College of Bible. There he prepared to serve the Lord as a pastor and was ordained to the Christian ministry and served as pastor of 5 churches. At college he met his life partner Sylvia. The Lord gave them 3 children and 9 grandchildren. David continued his education receiving a BS from the University of Maine and a MPA from Golden Gate University. David also became a police officer, politician (loosing each office he ran for) and a college professor at Pensacola Christian College training thousands of students in criminal justice.

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