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Robert Jack. Clemente, 'Rob'   # 167
Award Date 1966
Unit #Battalion 663
Brigade Camps Northwoods
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Testimonial:  Brigade saved my young adult life to a life of service... my Captain, Bob Greene became another dad to me. I will never forget what Brigade meant to me and my upbringing. Now, I am an English high school teacher, university professor finishing up a PhD in learning. I almost resent the often stated comments that Brigade \"is like Boy Scouts\" - it is not; it is harder, harder from the standpoint of the skills required, the research and references, and the emphasis on character and moral fiber. In Memoriam: “Captain” Bob Greene (1931-2016), Battalion 663, Calvary Baptist Church, Hazel Park, MI… for his steady guidance and being my church dad, and to honor a man who deserved the Herald pin as much as I did – I gave him mine awhile back.

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