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Alan E. Ashley   # 13  (Herald of Christ for Men)
Award DateMay 25, 2021
Unit #Battalion 8031
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Testimonial:  The Herald of Christ for Men internship has been the richest spiritual growth experience of my adult life to date. The Lord worked through the diversity of projects and the accountability relationships in a meaningful way. During the Bible exploration studies, the words of scripture seemed to leap off the pages as though reading them again for the first time. I voraciously consumed, and was consumed by, those Bible exploration studies. The discipline of scripture memory opened the door to connecting with a mature disciple of Christ on a weekly basis as we both worked through the passages. The doctrinal study integrated fresh research with books that I had read over the span of many years. And the Lord worked wonderfully through the community and ministry projects. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the internship was the insights gained through the writing requirements. Repeatedly, throughout the project reflections and the final essay, I drew observations and reached conclusions that had not become apparent by merely thinking or talking about the experiences. As with most worthwhile endeavors in life, the internship requires time, effort, accountability, and stepping out in faith. I encourage any man to make this commitment and to pursue the internship. The Lord will meet you through the various experiences, He will use those experiences to conform you to the image of Christ, and you will find Him to be more glorious than you had previously known. Praise God! I agree with the testimony of others, that the internship is not a destination or an achievement upon which to rest. Rather, the internship's spiritual disciplines and service projects form a framework that we can continue to utilize throughout the rest of our earthly lives. It is a rewarding path to tread on this journey of life, drawing us ever closer to the Prince of Life.

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