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Alan Bagg   # 127
Award Date 1964
Unit #Battalion 1695
Brigade Camps Hickory Hill Brigade Camp
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Testimonial:  CSB was instrumental in giving my life a new direction. I became a Christian through the program, giving my life to Christ at the tender age of 15 at Hickory Hill Camp. I attended Northwoods (leadership camp) and remember leadership programs at Kings College over the Christmas break in the early 60s. My experiences through all this prepared me for the leadership I use on a daily basis today, running a firm that focuses on branding companies and their products.

Through the CSB Outdoorsman program I developed a keen interest in the outdoors that is still with me today. I became a pilot and a mariner in addition, using the program outlines as a guide.

After I attended Houghton College and graduated with a BA from Butler University in Indianapolis, with a degree in journalism, I became a freelance writer and photographer and created some articles and handbooks for CSB. I served as a Captain of a Brigade battalion in Kenosha Wisconsin when I was younger.

I live in Racine and would welcome contact with any Heralds who would like to share ideas and stories of their own experience.

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