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Mark T. Shoger   # 11  (Herald of Christ for Men)
Award DateJune 13, 2013
Unit #Battalion 555
Other Unit #'s1482, 4743, 6831, 6468, 555
Brigade Camps Camp Kaskitowa
Hemlock Wilderness Brigade Camp
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Testimonial:  The pursuit of the Herald of Christ isnít about getting a pin and a certificate, but about deepening my relationship with Jesus and becoming more of a Great Commission Christian. God has opened my eyes and sincerely blessed me during this processÖ My reasons for wanting to complete this were twofold, first a desire to complete this as I was not able to do so as a brigadier when I was younger, and second to grow in my knowledge of the Bible, closer to my Savior and in my service of others. I used service as a Deacon to my former church to fulfill the Ministry requirement. The deacons were an extension of the pastoral ministry and are charged with getting to know the members of the church and ensuring that they have assistance when in a time of need. I also served as the secretary of the Deacons. I used my service as Commissioner and Coach with Upward Basketball for the Community Service requirement. Commissioner for Girls Levels 1 & 2 (1st & 2nd grade girls and 3rd & 4th grade girls) included coaching teams and assisting on his own kids\' team. I greatly enjoy building relationships with the players and ministering to their families as well. I am thankful to God for the growth Iíve experienced during this process and for the changes itís reflecting in my walk and in my life. I am currently the Captain of the CSB Battalion 6831 at Columbia Presbyterian Church in Columbia, MD. I grew up participating in Stockade (the now retired unit 1482 at Ward Presbyterian Church in Livonia, MI) and half a year of Battalion before moving away from a CSB participating church. As an adult, I have participated in several CSB units as a Tree Climber Dad, Stockade Ranger, Battalion Lieutenant and now as Captain with my sons Alec and Josiah. I attended Camp Kaskitowa in Michigan and lead at Hemlock Wilderness Brigade Camp in West Virginia.

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