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Robert E. Carlson   # 100  (Canada)
Award Date 1978
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Testimonial:  Raised in a Christian home, I made the decision to trust Jesus Christ as my Saviour at the age of 11 (in 1972). The influences that I was under during the next few years of my life (including my active involvement in CSB in my local church) helped develop a desire in my heart to want to serve the Lord for the rest of my life. In 1979-80, I served on the ministry staff of the People's Gospel Hour (Radio Pastor Perry F. Rockwood) ... and then in 1980-83 I attended a Bible College in North Carolina. After spending several years teaching in Christian Schools (in N.Carolina & Ontario) ... God allowed my wife & I to relocate and start a Bible-believing church in Manitoba ... where I have now been Pastoring for 26 yrs. I've learned that any spiritual investments made in the youth of any nation can be a tremendous influence in pointing them toward God for the rest of their life. To God be the Glory ... Great Things HE hath Done!

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