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  In Memoriam:
Gerhard B. Winkler (1939-2003-Eternal Life)
Father, Opa, Battalion Captain, Chief Ranger
" home with the Lord." - II Cor. 5:8
Gerhard was born in Leonburg, Germany in 1939. At a young age he accepted Christ as his Savior through the witness of a Christian youth ministry for boys. In Germany he worked as a welder, locksmith and apprenticed as a blacksmith. In 1957, at the age of 18, he immigrated to the United States along with his parents and sister, Ellen. He continued his education graduating first in his class at Wentworth Institute and with honors from Northeastern University where he earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering. Married on July 24, 1964, he and Barbara moved from Boston, Massachusetts to White Oak, Maryland where he worked for the Naval Surface Warfare Center for 30 years, retiring in January 1998.

God blessed Gerhard with many gifts and talents which he used to serve the Lord. Serving as an elder at First Alliance Church for many years, he taught Sunday school classes to young married couples and people in the church who were interested in forming new friendships.

A significant part of his life was serving in Christian Service Brigade. In 1976 he joined Stockade #3920 along with his two sons where he served as a Stockade Ranger. He then joined Battalion as a Lieutenant in the same unit after his sons reached Battalion age. Eventually he served in Unit #555 as a Lieutenant and then as Captain. He then went on to start Stockade Unit #5921 where he served as the Chief Ranger and/or Chairman until he was physically unable to continue. All in all he spent 25 years teaching young men how to be effective leaders in Christ until the Lord called him home

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